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Investment Forecast

The seas of the financial world can be treacherous. Interest rates rise and fall as frequently as the tide and, unfortunately, the waters can be host to pirates and sharks. Growing commodity prices coupled with a scarcity of goods are bound to create waves of inflation. All the while, the swelling of the housing bubble in the US is likely to continue to affect the main equity markets. Navigating this ocean takes the high level of skill and diligence on which FAB prides itself.

Here is a look at the current flow of financial tides:

  • > Current industry sources estimate that there are approximately 7,500 hedge funds in existence worldwide.
  • > The total estimates assets managed by hedge funds WORLDWIDE in 2010 is $2.0 trillion, above the previous pre-2008 crash level of $1.9 trillion.
  • > In 2010 hedge funds attracted $312 billion in new assets.
  • > The average performance of hedge funds has been of 10% in 2010 and 20% in 2009.

With this as the forecast, the best investment option is to carefully select hedge funds with absolute returns in order to outperform the cash markets and consistently beat the Morgan Stanley World Index (MSWI). FAB Portfolio Management (Bahamas) Ltd steers you through rough or unfamiliar waters by utilising all the skills and expertise necessary. The result is always the best outcome for our clients. We boast a long experience in financial markets by our Principal in all market conditions and employ the expert advice of practitioners with a deep knowledge of alternative investments. In addition, we ensure an unparalleled confidentiality by working in association with primary Swiss banks.

Big 'financial supermarkets' usually provide indifferent service at full fees, leaving their clients feeling somewhat lost at sea. At FAB we offer what our larger competitors simply cannot - sophisticated and attentive service that is personal and easy to understand. We take seriously the concept of "value for money". In addition to superb service, we can pass savings onto our clients because our small size affords us a low cost base. This results in superior and consistent account performance to suit all risk profiles and, of course, satisfied clients.

Being onboard with FAB ensures you a safe and rewarding passage through the tumultuous financial sea. Our clients can rely on our expertise gained from over 25 years in sophisticated financial markets and our experience with a wide platform of complex financial instruments. With FAB, paid fees are based on achieved results and clients have access to institutional portfolio management, which is typically not offered to private clients.

Our specialities include:

  • > A personalised and friendly approach
  • > A platform of first class custodian banks for the opening of bank accounts.
  • > Booking of account primarily in The Bahamas, a most discreet and convenient banking location. However, we can arrange the account opening in all major jurisdictions according to client's preference, i.e. Zurich, Geneva, Lugano and London.
  • > Sophisticated portfolio management and advisory services based primarily, but not exclusively, on a wide platform of best of class funds by the top hedge funds in the world.
  • > Competitive pricing based on a fixed management fee and a performance fee based on results achieved. The compensation of FAB Portfolio Management is based on two elements: management fee (0.8% p.a.) and performance fee (20% high water mark).
  • > A performance targeted at LIBOR + 6-8% after fees, with a low correlation with the financial markets and low volatility.
  • > Family Office services for UHNWIs with bankable assets in excess of $10 million, to include Financial Succession Planning. We provide global advice on clients' assets with the support of external professionals (tax advisers, lawyers etc.)
  • > Absolute return portfolio management. This aims to preserve clients' assets and to get a performance not dependent on the equity market, where the compensation is based on results.
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