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Who We Are

FAB Group was born from the initiative of bankers with collective 60 years of financial markets experience, aiming to offer personalized financial advice in wealth management and capital markets for high net worth individuals and their businesses, "goal oriented", with an open-platform approach and upon a platform of top-class custodian banks in the major offshore jurisdiction.

Financial markets can be as unpredictable as the ocean and, when investing, there is always a level of risk involved. Your investment manager should be a smooth-running and secure vessel, operated by a highly capable crew. FAB Portfolio Management (Bahamas) Ltd stands out as this secure vessel, driven by a crew of friendly advisors, amongst fleets of self-interested barges.

Our company was crafted as an innovative concept of discretionary and financial advising for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and is propelled by our inspirational investment philosophy centered on each client's satisfaction. Our team of experienced portfolio managers is well-equipped to navigate along the best course for each of our clients' risk profile and portfolio.

Though we cannot control all the ebbs and flows of the financial ocean, our clients always feel secure with FAB at the helm because we provide a superior level of customer service. Our goal is to always find the best investment option. We pride ourselves on being "goal oriented" with an "open-platform" approach, which means that we don't have constraints on products and banks. Furthermore, we operate in one of the most tax efficient and safe offshore centres in the world. This tax haven in the perfect setting in which to operate, and FAB stands as a lighthouse in the fogs of the financial world, guiding our clients' investments toward profit.

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