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FAB Capital Markets

FAB Portfolio Management (Bahamas) Ltd

Based in The Bahamas, provides, amongst its range of Wealth Management services, a dedicated Capital Markets advisory service, FAB Capital Markets, which specializes in provision of investment banking services for projects in developing and emerging financial markets, however we are well suited to provide our services in any financial marketplace as may be pertinent to a specific assignment. The service is aimed for private and corporate clients who need assistance in commercial transactions and who are prepared to re-invest the proceeds in wealth management services performed by FAB. Our service is ancillary to our main Asset Management and Financial Planning suite.

FAB Capital Markets

Our core expertise sectors - private placements of equity or debt, valuation studies, mergers and acquisitions, company sales, buyouts, strategic alliance / financial advisory assignments.

Companies worldwide come to us for assistance to raise capital to promulgate their projects, be it expansion or a start-up operation.

We do have a global reach, and habitually reach out to our expanding universe of over 1000 institutional investors and high net worth individual investors worldwide, with whom we cultivate and maintain close working relationships.

With a proven process, proactive strategies, and deep relationships with many of international sources of capital, FAB is well positioned to service corporations' investment banking needs. We service transactions between $5 million to $100 million with no upper cap.

Our Service

Established in 2008, we are a boutique investment banking endeavor with over 100 years of collective institutional financial experience, and are designed by founders to provide strategic, focused investment banking in our sectors of expertise:

  • > mining and metals
    > healthcare
    > real estate development
    > energy
    > forest products
    > agriculture

Our Client

  • > Is involved in commercial projects worldwide which require financing and with a global reach, i.e. not limited to the geographical scope of the location.
  • > Owns, manages or promotes a commercial project with an existing evaluation and validated business plan.
  • > Is prepared to mandate a professional advisor based on a suitable exclusivity period and based on a suitable retainer and success fee (cash and/or equity).
  • > Understand the benefit of working with professional and expert advisors with the ultimate aim at achieving quickly and efficiently the desired financing package.
  • > Is prepared to appoint FAB also as Corporate Treasury Manager for the cash flow management of the whole project and for its duration, as well subsequently as the profits gained to its promoters and/or shareholders.

Our Inspiring Principles

  • > The FAB team has a proven track record of successfully completing transactions, effectively communicating each client's business model to our captive funding sources, resulting in the highest valuation for our clients.
  • > Our process begins with a thorough analysis of our client's operations and key value drivers.  We seek to develop an in-depth understanding of each client's business, challenges and opportunities.  FAB team involvement in each step of the transaction process, including preparation of institutional quality investor presentations and financial models, investor introductions, and structuring and negotiating terms, ensures our clients are able to obtain the most favorable valuation.
  • > We accept only a limited number of assignments each year, hence FAB provides a truly personalized and highly effective investment banking service to all its select clients.
  • > Clients have told us that we are distinguished by a relationship-based approach, integrity, a focused expertise and total dedication to our assignments.
  • > We do believe that integrity is our most important qualification as it distinguishes us and is the foundation on which we build our relations with clients and hence our reputation.
  • > We do not endeavor to be all things to all clients. Quite the opposite, we strive to be the most knowledgeable advisers in all of the areas where we possess expertise of many decades of combined professional experience contributed by our dedicated team of processionals in our offices in the UK, US, Bahamas and Moscow.

Advantages For the Client

  • > Search for the best financing sources world-wide and not only in the geographical sphere where the project is physically located.
  • > Unparallel access to cash rich sources of financing world-wide via our FAB connections.
  • > Our service allows the Client to assess and review the financing strategies available in order to achieve the optimal debt/equity ratio and to structure his/her projects in the most cost effective way.
  • > Define financing strategies that are coherent with the economical objectives taking into consideration every component of the project to be financed and being able to assess the effects of multiple alternatives.
  • > Rationalize the choice of the options through the support of quantitative techniques and sophisticate sensitivity analysis models.
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